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MPVR has selected several candidates to endorse for state offices in the upcoming primary election, August 2023. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be reporting here about the candidates we have chosen and how you can help them get elected. If you are unsure which senate district you are in, you can go to and enter your address.

Senate District 42 – Jones and Forrest Counties

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Friends of Don Hartness
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NOTE: MPVR PAC is a state PAC does not endorse candidates for federal offices. In the days leading up to the election, some of the congressional candidates reached out to us to ask what they might do to win the favor of our advocates of medical freedom. Below is information for your consideration only.

The following four candidates have signed The Medical Liberty Pledge which is a pledge by elected officials against government action and laws that coerce Americans to receive unwanted medical products and procedures. You can read more about that, HERE.

Further, Restore Liberty, a national non-profit committed to restoring the original intent of the United States, is a supporter of MPVR PAC, and has thoroughly vetted and endorsed two of the candidates.

4th Congressional District

RAYMOND BROOKS, challenger to incumbent Stephen Palazzo,
signed The Medical Liberty Pledge and is also endorsed by Restore Liberty.

Election Day volunteers should click HERE to sign up to help sign wave or make phone calls to get people to the polls Tuesday.

Learn more about Raymond Brooks at

2nd Congressional District

RON ELLER, challenger of incumbent Bennie Thompson, signed The Medical Liberty Pledge and is also endorsed by Restore Liberty.

Election Day volunteers should click HERE to sign up to help sign wave or make phone calls to get people to the polls Tuesday.

Learn more about Ron Eller at

3rd Congressional District

MICHAEL CASSIDY, challenger to incumbent Michael Guest, signed The Medical Liberty Pledge .

His campaign is asking for volunteers to help on election day and ask that you watch THIS VIDEO or text his campaign manager, Matt Braynard, at 202-423-5333.

Learn more about Michael Cassidy at

1st Congressional District

MARK STRAUSS, challenger to incumbent Trent Kelly, signed The Medical Liberty Pledge.

To volunteer to sign wave or make calls to get folks to the polls on election day, click HERE.

To learn more about Mark Strauss and where he stands on other issues, visit

McDANIEL: Weaponizing redistricting against even one Republican is an attack on us all

“On March 9, I offered an amendment to HB 1509.  It would have granted legal protection to any individual who expressed a sincerely held religious belief against government-imposed vaccine mandates.  The amendment, if allowed, would have codified a Constitutionally recognized right of every American citizen.

After a Democrat objected to my proposed amendment, Hosemann predictably sided with him and ruled the amendment not germane.  Unfortunately, by again aligning with Democrats, Hosemann refused to allow the Senate to consider the amendment.

My only recourse was to appeal his decision to the whole Senate, which I did.  Remarkably, many Republicans sided with religious freedom and against Hosemann’s ruling in a memorable show of individual courage.

Since then, those who voted against Hosemann have been scolded by the Lt. Gov. and his staff.  I have talked to several members who have told me directly that they have received immense pressure from the Lt. Governor’s office as a result of that vote.

Regardless, Republicans should not have their political careers destroyed by redistricting, which will take place within the next two weeks.”

**Full article posted in Yall Politics March 23, 2022

WATCH: Weaponizing Redistricting to Hurt Republicans Who Stood for Medical Freedom – Senator Chris McDaniel

HB1509 Passed Out of Conference Committee with No Further Amendments. Now headed to House Floor.

HB 1509 COVID-19 vaccine mandate; prohibit state and local government from imposing.
Bill has made it out of Conference Committee, with no new amendments.
Conferees were as follows:
HOUSE: Conferees Named Mims, Shanks, White
SENATE: Conferees Named Kirby, Boyd, Michel

HB1509 Synopsis with MaryJo Perry on WYAB (video) | MPVR’s CALL TO PACK THE SENATE A HUGE SUCCESS

MPVR made a last-minute call for Mississippians to show up at the capitol in Jackson and pack the Senate balconies as Senator Chris McDaniel proposed our amendment to HB1509. Our amendment would have expanded religious exemptions in MS.

Together, we sent a clear message to lawmakers that we are serious about our religious freedom in the state of Mississippi.

We are incredibly proud that, not only did we pack the senate with only 12 hours’ notice, but there was a line of people outside the senate who showed up and couldn’t get in due to the balconies being full capacity!

MPVR thanks all Mississippians who rearranged their day, last minute, and showed up for what really matters. You ARE making a difference for the families of our beautiful state!
(pictures and videos below)

What is HB1509?
HB1509, authored by House Speaker Philip Gunn, would only enact a partial ban on Covid vaccine passports and mandates, applying explicitly to only state funded institutions. The bill would, however, provide protections for religious exemptions to the Covid vaccine for all employees, public and private.

HB1509 Amended in Senate Rules Committee
Once the bill passed the House, it was amended in the Senate Rules Committee earlier this month. The Chairman of Rules, Senator Dean Kirby, removed Speaker Philip Gunn’s language that would solidify the authority of the MS State Health Officer to add the Covid vaccine to the required childhood schedule for Mississippi’s schools and daycares. Language was then added in that would make it unlawful for schools and daycares to require a Covid vaccine as a condition of attendance.

HB1509 Brought Before the Senate with Amendments to Expand Religious Exemptions – Historic Conflict
After being amended in committee earlier this month, HB1509 then passed the Senate Floor Wednesday. The bill will now go to Conference Committee in the House for further work.

Senator Dennis DeBar added a “reverse repealer” on the Senate Floor so they can further amend the bill in conference to ensure the vaccine mandate ban won’t affect state funding of universities and colleges. HB1509 did not pass the Senate Floor without historical conflict between conservative Senators and the Lt Governor.

As the bill was brought up after lunch Wednesday, Senator Chris McDaniel offered an amendment to expand religious exemptions to vaccines in Mississippi, simply codifying into state law what is already federal law.

Immediately upon proposal, Democrat Senator David Blount made a point of order that the amendment was “not germane” to the bill. The amendment was germane according to capitol attorneys, but Hosemann has been known to be against exemptions to any vaccine, especially for children. He recently demonstrated this position by purposely killing a clean religious exemption bill, Senator Angela Hill’s SB2107, that was before him, in February.

There were arguments on the Senate Floor that the rights of the individual should not trump the good of the public (Sen John Horhn D) and that the covid vaccine “cures covid” (Sen David Jordan D). SEE FOOTAGE HERE.

Once the point of order was brought to his desk, Lt Governor Hosemann appeared to look over the HB1509 and the amendment, then agreed with Senator Blount that the amendment was not germane.

Senator Chris McDaniel called a roll call vote (a vote on the record) of each legislator who would stand with him and our amendment to expand religious liberty, and who would stand in support of Lt Gov Hosemann to throw our amendment out. A roll call vote in opposition to the Lt Governor has not been attempted in over 25 years. This was a bold move and MPVR PAC is proud that we have legislators with the moral courage to do the right thing, breaking with the traditional political games that keep our state down.

15 BRAVE Senators stood on the side of religious liberty together, including Senator McDaniel. We are grateful to those 15 and pray that God rewards them for their moral courage.

See the list of Republicans below and how they voted, below. All Democrats voted with Hosemann.

Senator McDaniel’s Speech on the Floor 3/9/22

Senator McDaniel’s speech on the Senate Floor 3/9/22

Synopsis of HB1509 & The McDaniel Amendment: MaryJo Perry on WYAB’s The Mike Madison Show

Full Senate Floor Hearing of HB1509 with Religious Amendment

SENATE FLOOR HEARING: HB1509 and the McDaniel Amendment to Expand Religious Liberty

SB2107 – K-12 Religious Exemption KILLED by Lt Governor Hosemann and his Democrat Appointee to the Public Health Committee, Chairman Hob Bryan

Dear Team,

On Tuesday, February 1, we delivered over 12,000 petitions to Lt Governor Hosemann and Chairman Hob Bryan. Your signatures on the petition for a K-12 religious exemption to vaccines was almost 250 pages, 28 of which were Rankin County!!! Rankin County led the state with just under 1500 signatures, with Madison and Desoto coming in second and third!

When the petitions were delivered to the office of Chairman Bryan, I had to step out and get a pen to sign my name to the cover letter. When I walked in the office lobby, I witnessed Chairman Bryan’s assistant fanning through the pages of our petition and either taking pictures or videoing the massive stack of names. I feel sure she didn’t realize I was watching her. I am not sure if maybe she was sending to Chairman Bryan or what her intentions were.

We sent a press release to over 160 media contacts that we would be delivering the over 12,000 petitions but didn’t get any coverage.

It is also interesting to note that there was to be one last Public Health Committee meeting scheduled at 3pm. The Senate Schedule showed that they had a list of significant bills they were to discuss and pass. However, for a reason we are uncertain of, it was canceled with no explanation, and even committee members were confused as to why it was canceled. Perhaps Chairman Bryan had some sort of emergency, or perhaps he was avoiding meeting those of us delivering the petition signatures.

So, at this point, the only vehicle we have left to get some things done is Speaker Gunn’s HB1509 which has been passed on to the senate. While we are pleased that Speaker Gunn has realized and taken action on some semblance of a religious exemption, it is weak legislation that appears to do something, but ultimately doesn’t do as much as a Mississippian would hope.

Most bills don’t leave the Senate without changes, so hopefully one of our legislators will go to bat to tighten up the language a bit more to protect you and your family.

We can breathe for the moment, but everyone should refuel, pray up and get ready for round 2. We appreciate all of your hard work and just want to see Mississippi a better place for all of our families.

MaryJo Perry
Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM. 2 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday | January 19th, 2022 | 9:30AM-4PM

Mississippi’s Republican lawmakers have failed to protect Mississippians, repeatedly demonstrating their loyalty to wealthy medical lobbies by killing EVERY MEDICAL FREEDOM BILL for the past decade.

Mississippi vaccine laws continue to remain the most draconian and inflexible in the U.S. and even in the world.

Let’s send a clear message:  
It is the right of ALL Mississippians, by God, to decide what is injected into our bodies and when, freely, without coercion or fear of retribution. Lawmakers should pass laws immediately to protect Mississippians from mandatory liability-free medicine.

PRE-REGISTER NOW FOR FREE AND BE COUNTED! It’s all about numbers and you are needed! Check out our optional fun registration merchandise add-ons and raffle chances.

9:30AM – Lobbying Appointments and Prayer Walking Kick-Off
1PM – Press Conference, Speakers, Demonstrating, Continued Lobbying Appointments.

To set up appointments with your legislators, accompanied by MPVR PAC leaders, please send either a FB Message from our event page HERE, or a text message to Cheryl Peeples, at 662-419-2111

** If you aren’t sure who your legislators are, please visit and scroll down to enter your street address. All Mississippians have one state representative and one state senator.

ACTION ALERT! MS Governor Tate Reeves Nominates Pfizer Employee to State Board of Health

In November, Governor Tate Reeves nominated an obstetrician-gynecologist and a pharmacist to join the Mississippi State Board of Health. One of the nominees, Dr. Lee Ann Griffin, happens to also be an employee of Pfizer. (Read here) When lawmakers meet after Christmas, the MS Senate will be voting to confirm Governor Reeves’ nominees. Appointing a Pfizer employee is a conflict of interest and the people of Mississippi must do something to discourage this corrupt behavior immediately.


  1. Call, message,  and email your senator TODAY.  Do not wait until January!
    If you don’t have their contact information, you can call  the capitol switchboard at (601) 359-3770.
  2. Ask for your your state senator by name. Let them know that you absolutely are opposed to Governor Reeves appointing an employee of the pharmaceutical industry to our State Board of Health because it is a conflict of interest! Our senators must VOTE NO to reject Dr Griffin, a Pfizer employee, as a member of our State Board of Health!

REMEMBER! These are State Senators and NOT U.S. Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith. To find your own state senator please CLICK HERE and enter your street address. Then, click on your State Senator for contact information.

Forward this information to everyone you know, share it on social media, and ask them also call today!     

Mark Your Calendars!

This is your time to stand up and be counted for our children and the future of our country!

Saturday | October 9th, 2021 | 10AM-4PM
The Sillers Pedestrian Mall, Jackson MS

Demonstrations, Prayer Walk, Speakers, Live Music, Picnicking, Merch, Prizes, and more – details coming soon!

Make your reservations HERE.

Sign the petition calling for the termination of MS State Health Officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs

“As a citizen of the state of Mississippi, I am calling for the termination of Dr. Thomas Dobbs as State Public Health Officer.

A State Health Officer should be held to the highest professional standard and able to effectively lead with integrity during a public health crisis. Throughout our state’s plight with COVID19, Dr. Thomas Dobbs has not demonstrated these characteristics. To the contrary, he has seemingly set the stage for public health to fail in the state of Mississippi.” 

In response to overwhelming outcry from Mississippi healthcare workers because of the current and impending Covid-19 restrictions, MPVR PAC is taking action to promote and support your medical freedom including, but not limited to, informed, voluntary consent in vaccine decision-making.

Empty Strollers by Bennett Magee
On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, hundreds of Mississippians gathered at the State Capitol to call on lawmakers to restore religious liberty in vaccine decision-making. Again, it fell on deaf ears.

God says, “At the time I have planned, I will bring justice against the wicked -Psalm 75:2

The Sillers Pedestrian Mall is the large outdoor grassy area between the Supreme Court and Sillers Buildings on Hig hStreet across from the Capitol in Jackson MS.

**Note the date. We will not be holding a rally in Jackson on Sept 25th**

2021 Legislation

HB 475 – Religious exemption to school vaccines

School Immunization; authorize exemption from requirements for religious beliefs.

HB 719 – Prohibit employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment

An act to prohibit public and private employers from requiring any of its employees to receive a vaccination against SARS-COV-2 or COVID-19 as a condition of the person’s employment or continued employment with the employer; and for related purposes.

HB 476 – Mississippi Adult Health and Privacy Act

An act to provide that each person who is eighteen years of age or older shall have the right to determine, in their sole discretion, whether he or she will receive vaccinations or immunizations for any disease, except when the person is required to be vaccinated to attend school; to prohibit any person or entity from requiring any such vaccination or immunization for any disease as a condition of employment or a condition of receiving any benefit or service; to prohibit any person or entity from using any means of intimidation or threat of termination of any such person’s employment, or denial or reduction of any benefit or service to any such person, or disclosure of any such person’s medical history or records to others, in order to cause the person to receive a vaccination or immunization for any disease; to amend section 41-23-43, Mississippi Code of 1972, to allow first responders an exemption from vaccinations for philosophical reasons; and for related purposes.


Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom

― 2 Corinthians 3:17

Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.

― Benjamin Franklin

Senator McDaniel’s Critical Facebook Live: Conservative Lawmakers Being Punished for Standing to Expand Religious Exemptions Against Lt Governor Hosemann

See Senator McDaniel’s original post on Facebook Live with comments, HERE.

Retired Mississippi Doc Addresses Gross Ignorance in the Mississippi Senate

Retired physician, Carol Hill, MD, has written to the Mississippi senate to address the alarming ignorance she and others witnessed just last week.

On Wednesday, March 9th, there was much discussion on the Senate Floor regarding HB1509 and proposed amendments. Attendees in the balconies of the Senate were shocked to realize how constitutionally and scientifically illiterate some of our state senators are. From statements insisting that the greater good of the public trumped the rights of the individual, to magical thinking that the vaccine “cures” Covid, it was quite the spectacle.


Senator David Jordan (D) posits that the vaccine for Covid-19 “cures” Covid-19.

Carol Hill, MD, felt compelled to contact Mississippi’s senators and clarify the facts, debunking the myth that a vaccine can cure Covid. It cannot.

Here is what Hill wrote:

No. The Covid vaccines DO NOT cure Covid-19.

Week 9 UK data on COVID & the latest available Scottish data shows us negative efficacy, & that protection wanes fast & hospitalization & death escalates for booster (3rd) shot; older at greatest risk

Why don’t you know the devastating statistics related to the vaccines?
BECAUSE the CDC has been hiding it from you:

CDC withholding COVID data over fears of misinterpretation (

After a lawsuit by scientists to force the CDC to release the information used to give Emergency Use Authorization to the Pfizer vaccine, the CDC initially said it would take 55 years but later amended that to 75 years. But a judge said, NO:

Forget 55 Years, FDA Now Says Will Take 75 Years to Release Pfizer Covid Vaccine Data – Election Central (

Judge scraps 75-year FDA timeline to release Pfizer vaccine safety data, giving agency eight months | Washington Examiner

This is from the recently released 55,000 pages of documents. There are NINE single spaced pages of adverse reactions:

5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf (

On page 7 is this chart:



And YOU refuse to stop all mandates.

Because you are so misinformed that you actually believe the vaccines cure covid?!


Carol Hill MD (retired)
Diamondhead, M

Mississippi State Health Officer Dr. Dobbs set to resign

Read more here:

Mississippi’s State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs, who led the Magnolia State through the COVID-19 pandemic, is stepping down from the position.(Rogelio V. Solis | AP)

By WLOX Staff

Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 12:42 PM CST

JACKSON, Miss. (WLOX) – Mississippi’s state health officer who led the Magnolia State through the COVID-19 pandemic is stepping down from the position.

Dr. Thomas Dobbs is set to resign his position at the end of July, according to a release sent Tuesday by MSDH.

Dobbs began his career at MSDH in 2008, and has held numerous roles including District Health Officer, State Epidemiologist, and Deputy State Health Officer.

His passion has always been infectious disease treatment, and he has served in various roles related to that field, such as medical director for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, clinical consultant for the Southeastern National TB Center, and infectious disease consultant for several hospitals throughout Mississippi.

“I feel like the time is right for me to return to the clinical side of medicine, particularly the communicable disease treatment of patients,” said Dobbs. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at MSDH, particularly working with this dedicated health staff and advancing the field of health equity in Mississippi.”

Dobbs said he also would like to step back into the academic world. He has held numerous faculty positions at colleges and universities throughout the Southeast, including at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and he would love to teach and train healthcare professionals about public health and infectious disease.

State Board of Health Chairman Thad Waites, MD, MACC, says the Board has always fully supported Dr. Dobbs in his role as Mississippi’s State Health Officer but understands his desire to return to the clinical side of medicine.

“I speak for all of us when I say that we have truly appreciated his professionalism, sterling personality, and stellar leadership throughout his tenure, but especially during COVID. He has been a wonderful asset to Mississippi,” said Waites.

Daniel P. Edney, MD, FACP, has been named Deputy State Health Officer. Edney is a long-time resident of Vicksburg, and a graduate of the University of Mississippi Medical School where he graduated summa cum laude and with other honors.

Edney is also a member of the American Medical Association and the Mississippi State Medical Association where he serves as Past President. He has served as Chief Medical Officer at MSDH for the past year and worked closely with Dobbs during COVID providing outreach and guidance to other physicians.

The Board will take up the issue of interim State Health Officer in one of its upcoming meetings.

Originally Published on March 9, 2022

State Health Officer, Thomas Dobbs, Dismissed Mississippi Doctors Asking for Help and Support to Use Lifesaving Early Treatment Protocol, While MS Patients Die

February 24, 2022

MPVR PAC is in receipt of documents shared with us by Mississippi legislators which are now available for the public review.

These documents were originally obtained via Public Records Request by Dr. Carol Hill, a retired Mississippi doctor. The documents show repeated attempts by physicians at Delta Regional Medical Center’s COVID Team to share their success and data regarding early treatment protocol of COVID-19 patients.

Below are downloadable PDFs of the documents.

TELEGRAM – Join our private channel here:

September 13, 2021
*Time Sensitive – Please read to the bottom*

ZOOM CALL WITH SEN CHRIS MCDANIEL, JD – Vaccine mandates in the workplace and your rights

Tuesday, Sept 14th
Senator Chris McDaniel, JD.
Hosted by MPVR


Senator McDaniel will be discussing your civil rights to bodily autonomy, appropriate and inappropriate treatment in the workplace, what is involved in writing an effective exemption, and what to do if yours is denied. If there is time, we will take a few questions.
Please download the Zoom app to your mobile device or be prepared to navigate to on your PC.

To Join our Live Zoom Meeting please see your MPVR text message for login details.

Since room is limited, Zoom meeting will be first come, first served!

EPOCH TIMES MPVR PAC, MPVR, and Our Nurses Get National Coverage

Mississippi Nurses Report a Toxic Work Culture Growing Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

“Within the hospital, she said the unvaccinated gravitated toward each other for support, and many others throughout Mississippi have found refuge in a political action committee called Mississippi Patriots for Vaccine Rights (MPVR), which, according to the nurse, connects health care workers throughout the state with attorneys who provide information on what an employee’s rights are regarding discriminatory practices within the workplace.

MPVR President MaryJo Perry and Vice President Lindey Hughes Magee formed the nonprofit in 2012 as Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights as a hub to network parents whose children had suffered injuries as a result of vaccines.

“When the mandates rolled out, I had health care workers reaching out to me in a panic, so Lindey and I got together and we created of forum of health care workers to join together,” said Perry.

The MPVR gathers reports and connects healthcare workers who choose not to be vaccinated throughout the state.The consensus among health care workers is that the work environments in health care facilities have become “hostile.”

“And it’s not only hostile toward unvaccinated employees,” Perry said. “It’s hostile toward unvaccinated patients.”


We are excited to have billboards around the state letting others know they are not alone, and they can take action! We’ve had billboards in Jackson, Flowood, Tupelo, and Ocean Springs throughout the summer. Our newest billboard on the coast can be seen at the corner of Lemoyne and Washington.

More to come.

*Deepest appreciation for those who gave to make these possible. Please consider a generous contribution to fund more billboards around the state!*

RECRUIT! RECRUIT! RECRUIT!  How your friends and family can plug in

The giant we are up against is powerful and wealthy. We must have numbers to defeat it. We are not only not alone, we are many! If the many are not organized, we cannot be effective. With everyone plugged in, we send out calls to action targeted to particular legislative districts, and send out mass alerts to mobilize our army at the click of an icon.

With large numbers of organized citizens, we are far more powerful than they, but we must make it all happen. No one is going to do this for us. WE must do this. WE must take action.

If you know people who are likeminded about medical freedom in Mississippi, please encourage them to plug in today!

To join our organized army, go to
To opt in to text alerts text 4FREEDOM to 797979

We are approaching a thousand organized healthcare heroes but the numbers have slowed in the past week. Please direct those in the healthcare arena to our form, here:


We’re excited that our medical freedom movement is growing exponentially, although we regret it is under the current circumstances. 

As our movement explodes, we are happy to see many new faces on the scene ready and eager to take action.

MS Against Mandates was recently formed by one of those new faces, Dr John Witcher.

Since we continue to receive a barrage of messages and calls from our people with questions about this new organization and our affiliation, we find it necessary to clarify a couple of things. Currently, MPVR PAC/MPVR are exclusively sister organizations. While we all believe in the cause of medical freedom, we need to make clear that we are not affiliated in any way with MS Against Mandates.

WHAT WE DO WITH YOUR DONATIONS – Your medical freedom, our mission

Our website, communication methods, as well as media such as billboards are only possible through the generous giving of the people of Mississippi. Our texting platform alone costs thousands a month. Those of us who manage the PAC are volunteers and currently are not charging membership or service fees. Please consider doing your part by donating. Freedom is expensive and we are in the fight of our lifetime!  

We aspire to raise and fund medical freedom candidates for the next election season. We must have money in the bank if we are going to make an impact. The medical industrial complex and drug companies are our opposition, and they are wealthy. If the people want a voice, we will have to compete with the lobbies. Your medical freedom is our mission, but unless we can fund solid medical freedom candidates to run against the tyrants currently in office, we will never effect change. We depend on you.

*Sincerest thanks to those who have given and to those who continue to make monthly donations. You are the heartbeat of this movement. *


“As a citizen of the state of Mississippi, I am calling for the termination of Dr. Thomas Dobbs as State Public Health Officer.

A State Health Officer should be held to the highest professional standard and able to effectively lead with integrity during a public health crisis. Throughout our state’s plight with COVID19, Dr. Thomas Dobbs has not demonstrated these characteristics. To the contrary, he has seemingly set the stage for public health to fail in the state of Mississippi.”

The petition will be delivered to Governor Tate Reeves, the entire Mississippi State House of Representatives and Senate, and the MS State Board of Public Health. Your information confirms you are an actual Mississippian and in which legislative district you reside.

Please do not sign multiple times.

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