URGENT Message for Rankin County Medical Freedom Advocates!

If McDaniel wins RANKIN COUNTY, he wins Lt Governor!

WE . NEED . YOU . NOW to sign up to sign wave for a 2 hour slot at a key Rankin County location over the next few days!

4 more years of Delbert Hosemann as our Lt Governor, will be another 4 years of our efforts being IGNORED and BLOCKED. We have so much left to get done for medical freedom!

Election is TUESDAY, AUGUST 8th – just 4 days away!

Grab a friend! Bring the kids! SIGN UP NOW!!! CLICK the button below!

We have so much left to get done and need McDaniel as our Lt Governor.

How about an ELECTED state health officer instead of appointed, for starters? Or STOP the medical tracking of Mississippi children? YES, they are being tracked! What if there is another plandemic? Help us help you!

Delbert has way more money and the lies about McDaniel are blatant and profuse. But we have the people and need you now more than ever. Please, volunteer to wave for a couple of hours, now!

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