Speaker Gunn Aligns With Powerful Medical Lobby, Killing Bill to Prevent Job Loss For Those Opting Out of COVID Shot

Mississippi’s Speaker of the House, Philip Gunn, has killed a bill that would protect the people of Mississippi from being fired by their employers for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. Gunn continues to dismiss the importance of medical freedom and religious liberty, while confirming his allegiance to powerful, wealthy medical trade organizations.

HB719, introduced by Representative Dan Eubanks(R) of DeSoto County, and championed by MPVR PAC, was widely supported by the people of Mississippi. However, Gunn double referred the bill to ensure it would not make it to the House floor for a vote. Constituents called to leave messages in support of HB719 by the hundreds, but the Speaker’s office voicemail was full, and he has refused to provide a legislative email in his 10 years as speaker.

MPVR PAC urges Speaker Gunn to honor his obligation as a Christian conservative by advocating for the religious liberty and medical freedom of Mississippians. The PAC further asks Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann to make known his position on this issue.

Employees must be free to decline a medical procedure for any reason, including religious convictions, health concerns, or any other reason they choose, without fear of unemployment. It is neither the employer’s nor the government’s business why an individual might opt-out. 

Mississippi healthcare workers are reporting that about 75% of their colleagues are opting out and are greatly concerned about taking the Covid vaccine. Professionals across the state express concerns regarding particular COVID-19 vaccine facts, such as: 

• Unprecedented development, research, and production time
• Brand new, never-before-used technology, that is technically a “gene therapy”
• No liability for the vaccine maker for injury or death, under the PREP ACT
• Not FDA approved; only has Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)
• Extensive research, development, production, and testing, using the HEK-293 cell lines from an electively aborted baby
• 501 deaths and 9,844 adverse events have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in the first 7 weeks
• Natural immunity appears to be more robust and longer lasting

Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview with Newsweek last month regarding the COVID19 vaccine, “…there are going to be individual institutions that I’m sure are going to mandate it.”

Particularly at risk for impending vaccine mandates are:

All healthcare personnel
First responders
Law enforcement
University teachers and staff
K-12 teachers and staff
Childcare workers
Correctional officers and staff
Congregate settings workers (eg homeless shelters)
Food and agriculture workers
US Postal service employees
Grocery store workers
Public transit workers
Other essential workers outlined by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA)

MPVR PAC was founded to protect and defend the medical freedom of all Mississippians. To opt in for text alerts regarding threats to medical freedom in Mississippi text “4FREEDOM” to 797979 or visit MPVRPAC.com to learn more.

Forced to choose between a vaccine and your job? Health Care workers facing covid vaccine mandates look to MPVRPAC for help
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