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Exciting meeting this Thurs, 3/2

Meeting TONIGHT & SUCCESS on HB1310 (voter address verification)

Did you know Mississippi has January 6th Political Prisoners?

Come hear their intriguing stories and what some are doing to help.

Please bring a friend!

**UPDATE on HB1310 (Election Integrity Project) and tonight’s meeting agenda are below.**

You did it!

You made the calls and our election laws have a chance at improvement. HB1310 made it out of two committees earlier this week, and you did the work to make it happen!

The battle isn’t over, as the bill still has to pass the Senate and will go back to the House for approval. Ultimately, it will be signed by Governor Reeves. We will keep you updated as the bill continues to progress.


While we haven’t seen the amendment discussed by the Senate in committee, the heart of this bill (HB 1310) is an address verification process that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in Husted v. Randolph Institute, a 2018 case. It is hard to overstate how much the Left hates this address verification plan, which is why Democrats have been fighting this reform for years – and tried to kill the idea, once again, in committee yesterday. In fact, the New York Times called the Ohio law “more aggressive than any other state in purging its voter rolls.”

HB 1310 is not perfect, but very few bills are perfect – and the best way to improve the bill is to offer concrete, constructive advice that cites actual MS code and existing policies, not to mention the National Voter Registration Act, which limits what states can do in terms of cleaning up voter rolls.

As far as election audits go, it’s worth considering two things. First, the SOS is definitely needed to audit local elections. Imagine, for example, the city of Jackson auditing its own election results. … Is there any doubt that they would home cook the results to be whatever the current administration wanted? This is a no-brainer. 

In addition, the SOS audit authority in the bill is pretty weak. Killing the very important address verification piece because you don’t like a weak SOS audit authority is not a good trade off. Our legislators are doing very little good this session. … This, at least, is one concrete reform that will help bring some integrity to our elections.  

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Please come to our meetings knowing who your MS lawmakers are. Each of us have one MS Senator and one MS Representative. The legislator breakout groups held after the speaking segment will be conducted in marked Sunday school rooms.

To find your Mississippi State Representative and MS State Senator (not Congressman), click below – email entry not necessary.  “Upper” chamber is your Senator and “Lower” is your House Representative in Jackson.


March 2nd 2023
Riverside Church

6:30   Welcome and Pledge – Pastor Brian Shufelt

6:35   Introduction & Update – MaryJo Perry

6: 40 Mississippi’s J6 Political Prisoners Presentation – Lori Cyree and Michelle Webster

7:30 Dismissal – Patricia McNulty

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