Next Meeting5/5/22
Special Guest: Commissioner Andy Gipson
The Importance of Defending Religious Liberty

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**map and agenda below**

Please come knowing who your MS lawmakers are. Each of us have one MS Senator and one MS Representative. The legislator breakout groups held after the speaking segment will be conducted in marked Sunday school rooms.

To find your Mississippi State Representative and MS State Senator (not Congressman), click below – email entry not necessary.

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May 5th, 2022
Riverside Church

6:30pm Welcome and Pledge – Pastor Bryan Shufelt

6:35pm Tamara Bullard – Our Mission and How We Started

6:50pm Andy Gipson – The Importance of Defending Religious Liberty

7:20pm Pastor Bryan Shufelt – Closing and Prayer

7:30pm Dismissal to Meet in Legislator Groups
                   SEE BELOW for Agenda for Room Schedule and New Election Integrity Project

BREAKOUT SESSION GUIDANCE – How You Can Make a Difference!


For the sake of Election Integrity, it is imperative that we each consider how we can engage. Poll watching is one simple way that we can all get involved to make a difference.

Please Consider Poll Watching

Most Americans have serious concerns about the integrity of elections.  Poll watching increases voter confidence in the election integrity, reinforces transparency, and protects against fraud.

Mississippi State law regarding poll watching is as follows:
“Poll watchers may be designated by political parties and candidates whose name appears on the ballot in the precinct. Each political party that has a candidate on the ballot shall have the right to be represented by two credentialed poll watchers. Challenges may also be made by candidates, qualified electors, managers, clerks, and poll workers. “  (MS Code 23-15-571 & 23-15-577)

Poll watcher responsibilities include:
– Observing without interfering with the election process.
– Following instructions given by the county as to how to conduct oneself while poll watching.
– Reporting any problems that arise to election officials.

Poll watchers’ duty is to examine:
– Election Day activities such as casting of ballots.
– Pre and post-election processes such as testing of machines, ballot tabulation,
  recounts, and more.

If you are interested in becoming a poll watcher in your voting precinct, you may:
– Contact a candidate running for office to credential you to poll watch.
– Contact True the Vote at TruetheVote.org

Find your voting precinct at https://www.sos.ms.gov/elections-voting/polling-place-locator

Find your election commissioner, who will correspond with your county supervisor district, at  https://www.sos.ms.gov/elections-voting/county-election-information

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  • Each group should have a point person to manage the discussion at the meeting and in the Group Me App.
  • The point person should make sure they have a list of constituents in their group with their phone numbers so they can be added on the Group Me App.
  • Everyone should save their senator’s/representative’s detailed contact information in their phone.
  • Share and make note of any background info on them, personal or political, especially updates on current issues or meetings that have been held.
  • Schedule a campaign of contacting and setting up meetings with them.
  • Assign someone to research & analyze campaign contributions. This information is public record on the Sec of State website.
  • Discuss how to handle excuses.
    Common LAME excuses legislators give constituents to get them chasing their tails:
    “That bill is not in my committee.”
    “The leadership has to bring it up so I can vote on it.”
    “I won’t support a concept unless I see a written bill.”
    “You need to go talk to ______ about that.”
    “Someone in your group said/did something bad to me.”

Senate Breakout
Room 1 – Blount
Room 2 – Kirby
Room 3 – Harkins
Room 7 – Thomas
Room 8 – Caughman
Room 9 – Michel 

House Breakout
Room 1 – Miles
Room 2 – Yancey
Room 3 – Ford
Room 5 – Summers
Room 6 – Gunn
Room 7 – Shanks
Room 8 – Bomgar
Room 9 – Dist 23
Room 10 – Powell

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