Urgent Call To Action | February 1, 2021

UPDATE: We have received word that Chairman Donnie Bell WILL bring HB719 up for a vote, but it MUST get out of the Public Health FIRST. All pressure is on Speaker Gunn and Public Health and Chairman Sam Mims.

House Bill 719 that would prohibit employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment has until TUESDAY afternoon to get through two committees: Public Health Committee and Workforce Development.

HB719 protects YOU from being fired for refusing the experimental Covid vaccine.

1. It is critical that you stop now and call house leader, Speaker Gunn (double referred the bill in an effort to kill it.) Let him know you aren’t happy and that he needs to pressure his chairmen to bring the bill up in committee for a vote!
• Speaker Philip Gunn: 601.359.3300

2. Representative, Sam Mims, Chairman of Public Health; let Sam know you want HB719 brought up for a vote.
• Sam Mims: 601.359.3320

3. Representative Missy McGee, Vice Chair of Public Health; let Missy know you want HB719 brought up for a vote.
• Missy McGee: 601.359.3362

Alternate number:
• Committee Assistant for Public Health: 601.359.3317

4. Representative Donnie Bell, Chairman of Workforce Development, let Donnie know you want HB719 brought up for a vote.
• Donnie Bell: 601.359.3364

5. Representative Kenneth Walker, Vice Chair of Workforce Development, let Kenneth know you want HB719 brought up for a vote.
• Kenneth Walker: 601.267.5368


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